Acceptance of Terms
By using the Open Directory Project (ODP) in any way you are agreeing to comply with these terms, which we may update without notice and encourage you to check back here at any time. To use the ODP, you must be legally competent to enter a binding agreement.

Privacy Policy

The only personally identifiable information about you ("PII") (that is, your name, e-mail or physical address, or telephone number) that the ODP receives is any PII you choose to include in the submission form if you submit a site for consideration for inclusion in the ODP. We use such PII only in connection with the provision of the ODP, and do not use it for marketing purposes. We do not share your PII with any outside companies. As explained below, volunteer editors for the ODP may have access to certain PII.
When you use or access the ODP, we automatically receive and store certain information from your browser, including your IP address; your browser type; access date and time; the referring Web site address; the ODP page you requested; and in the case of a search, the specific search terms requested. We use this information for purposes of security, to learn more about how the ODP is used, and to improve the quality and usefulness of the ODP. We do NOT link any of this information with PII, and we do not share this information with any outside companies.
The ODP's thousands of volunteer editors may receive PII about you in certain circumstances, and, because they are volunteers whose activities are not controlled by the ODP, their use of that information is not subject to this Privacy Policy. Volunteer editors may receive PII about you in two circumstances: (1) if you correspond directly with an editor (e.g., to ask a question about why a site is not included), the editor will of course learn your e-mail address, as well as any other PII you choose to share in the e-mail; and (2) if you submit a site for consideration for inclusion in the ODP, editors may access any PII you include in the submission form (e.g., your e-mail address), as well as your IP address.
If you have any questions regarding your privacy, please contact us at

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